Understand. Service. Engage. Together these three concepts come together to make the U.S.E. model SocialPath Solutions has developed to help you connect in a meaningful way with your Customers.


We show you how social media connections increase Customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

Social media is another channel connecting you with your Customers. It provides a fast way to identify pain points for your brand so you know where to focus your efforts to improve Customer satisfaction. With the potential to resolve issues in a one-to-many approach, social media connections build trust, retain relationships, and reduce volume to other one-to-one channels. We


We have hosted support teams that can reduce your social media workload without missing out Customer interactions.

It’s an opportunity to expand your Customer service reach. Scaling a social media Customer service team may not be an immediate possibility. We provide consulting services to provide the right planning and training for the team you want to build. While helping you build your team, we have Customer service professionals in place to shoulder the load until you are ready.


We help develop your voice on social media to connect with your Customers when and where they want to connect with you.

Mobile devices and social media networks have given Customers the opportunity to talk about your brand whenever and wherever they are. How you respond to them tells a lot about your company. Are you sending the right message by connecting with your customers in real-time or are you telling your Customers that all you want is their money by ignoring them? Saying something is better than nothing, but we help you say more than that to build lasting relationships.


Have more questions about engaging your Customers on social media? Let us help you U.S.E. social media to connect with your Customers in a more meaningful way.