The innovation and excitement around Social Media as a Service.

Social media and various forms of customer service have been around for a while. Now, the two are being merged together to become a customer service super power that companies -small or large- are not going to want to turn away. Social media has become such a global force that the world has evolved into using it for most, if not every, aspect of life. Why should effectively servicing customers be left off of that list because your company isn’t ready to take the next step to understanding how social media can help?

#SMAAS involves the appointment of hosted teams to go on behalf of a company or business to establish the company’s social media infrastructure and oversee social activity. It then uses those social media platforms to connect with, communicate to and service customers. This connectivity allows for enhanced engagement with client companies and their customers.

While social media as a service is often associated with being used by marketing and advertising agencies, it is customer service’s newest innovation. The use of social to service customers is a professional tool that isn’t used to its highest potential and is steadily growing every day.


#SMAAS uses hosting as a major resource in providing much needed social care to customers. Hosted teams provide a major cost benefit. The team comes equipped with a full staff, expertise and a set social infrastructure. It also puts the idea of efficiently responding to customer needs into practice. Hosting eases the pain of picking up a phone and hearing “please listen carefully for our menu options have changed”.

Hosting allows for more efficient service to customers. The most important aspects of hosted social media response teams are accuracy and speed of response. If a customer is given an inaccurate response, the entire customer relationship will be put at risk. Likewise, if a customer is not responded to in a timely manner, the initial problem could escalate.

These response teams are put in place to learn a company’s voice and culture to further develop partnerships with their customers. This allows for a more personal customer relationship.


Benefits of #SMAAS

Establishing a social infrastructure for customer service in a social world gives brands an innovative edge that customers are looking for. The convenience of engaging on platforms such as Twitter or Facebook is unbeatable. They’re right there in your back pocket when you need them. Social platforms allow for businesses and corporations to move with their customers.

Effectively using #SMAAS directly results in a brand’s volume increase while reducing overhead costs and leveraging experienced hosting teams. The scale of coverage when servicing customers will surpass all efforts of using rinky-dink, outdated forms of customer service. Cost of training a service team, providing salaries and benefits are all dramatically cut if not eliminated completely. We have the tools in place to take the client’s burden of social off of their plate. Many companies are making the mistake of solely being present on social media rather than using it well.

The use of social media to service customers creates a sense of diversity within the realm of a business’ customer service model. It strays just enough from traditional models and is quickly becoming the norm for reaching customers.

Not only is #SMAAS beneficial to customers, but it also helps drive businesses in the right social direction. Companies are able to get reports and feedback on whether or not their customers are satisfied. There are also apps, programs and websites that allow these companies to monitor their social media volume and growth through customer relations statistics. Mentions on all forms of social media also play a major role in a growing social media presence.

Social customer care is an evolving service that is exponentially growing. It is the epitome of not only social media to service customers, but also social media done well.