August has been a busy month for SocialPath Solutions! We focused our conversations on how traditional contact center metrics don’t always fit when applied to social media. We shared our thoughts on the value of measuring follower counts in social media, and participated in a Hangout on Air with Justin Robbins and Neal Topf to expand on the weekly #ICMIChat conversations about metrics.

In his piece for, Al took on 3 common contact center metrics. He explains how Average Handle Time (AHT) in its simplest form does not work in the asynchronous world of social media where Customers reply to messages when they are available, not when the business is. He provided a similar example with First Contact Resolution (FCR). In his example it was suggested that the definition of FCR has to change to keep up with the new landscape or it shouldn’t be applied to social media Customer service teams at all. Finally he addressed some of the challenges social media teams have with providing satisfaction scores by way of surveys and should invest in understanding the change in a Customer’s sentiment when they reach out to a brand.

Our blog, ‘Follower Count: Vanity or Value?’, has become increasingly popular. It took a look at some pretty impressive people on social media and compared them to each other. What makes someone more influential, the number of followers they have, the number of people they engage with regularly, or who they are offline? All of these factors should be considered when looking to leverage an influencer for marketing or planning a social media response team.

There’s a weekly Twitter chat (#ICMIChat) hosted by the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) that focuses on all things related to contact centers. Al is a regular participant with the group and was tapped to write an article to support their month’s focus on metrics. He took the opportunity to expand on his previously written article with and dig into FCR in social media. A few examples were given of how FCR is not always possible for social media channels due to the nature of how some networks work or their line of business. ICMI then invited us to participate in a Hangout discussion with other ICMI chat participants to help wrap up the month’s focus.

The #Path2Social is off to a great start! We’re here to show you the way to creating a successful social media Customer service team or share that challenge by hosting a team for you. You can find us on Twitter @Social_Path, follow us on Facebook, or connect with our team on . Together, we’ll help you U.S.E social better to connect with your Customers.