The question that we get among clients, customers, and social media users today is how often should one post on social media?

We all have that friend who is an avid Instagram user who constantly loads followers’ feeds up with content, whether they like it or not. It’s common for brands and social media managers to believe that sharing content needs to be put out in overwhelming volumes, but this isn’t the case. Here is a breakdown of how to use social well and how often you should post to social amongst different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. These platforms offer different features that are an incredible way to make it big in the world of social.

Your family can see what you post, but so can everyone else. Facebook is constantly underutilized. Whether you’re building your personal or professional brand, Facebook is absolutely the platform to use. Not only does it allow connections to be made with family, it allows you to check in, find friends nearby (in the least creepy way, we promise), and share an unbelievable amount of content. While all of these are great benefits, a common mistake that people make is putting too much of their personal lives on the Internet. And it’s often through Facebook. Users should post to Facebook three to five times weekly for brand pages and not many more times for personal pages (you don’t want to annoy grandma and Aunt Betty by overloading their newsfeeds). Simply stated, take it easy with Facebook. The more you post, the more your material is pushed down the line that is your wall or friend’s feed.

Tweet like you mean it. Twitter is a resource that many brands also tend to underuse, whether it is for customer service, marketing or advertising. While Facebook can be looked at as a platform that’s all about quality over quantity, Twitter can be seen to be all about volume in addition to quality. Tweets don’t just sit there unless you let them. They are meant to be recycled, reused, retweeted, and replenished. The four R’s if you will. Twitter even allows users to connect with others that have similar interests by creating lists. These lists provide a similar structure to that of groups on Facebook and allow for creative and professional connections to be made.

Regarding content sharing, a brand or company on Twitter should send out tweets four to ten times daily to accomplish all that they intend to accomplish regarding growing their following and developing their brand image. Twitter is also an incredible platform to develop a personal and professional brand voice. Your followers will appreciate feeling more connected to your brand when its voice relates to theirs.

Photos of your morning coffee get old after a while. There has been a lot of buzz about Essena O’Neill and her recent decision to separate from her Instagram account. Instagram is notorious for being all about vanity, BUT there is a way to use Instagram for business and use it well. Instagram for business is all about using a photo to capture users’ eyes and using the caption to market or advertise a service or product. Using this platform in a more meaningful way would include incorporating comments to communicate with customers or potential customers. Posting to Instagram shouldn’t exceed three times a day. It’s about much more than how many likes you can get on a photo of your beautifully crafted soy latte.

Social media done well will improve any brand’s ROI, but in the end it is absolutely priceless when that brand’s success far exceeds expectation. When engaging with customer, friends, and followers, follow these tips and educate yourself on these platforms. It will make a world of difference.