An internship is an inherently temporary position that allows you to gain work experience while learning firsthand about the industry and company.

My intern experience was also unique because the company I interned for was also just starting out. I had just finished my freshman year of college at Texas A&M studying towards a major in a different field, so I was understandably nervous going into my first day at SocialPath Solutions. Those nerves soon extinguished, as I learned more about the company and their mission.

My first meeting with the leadership team also happened to be the first meeting of my entire life. There I learned SocialPath Solutions works to help companies achieve their business goals via social media audience engagement. The leadership team asked me what I thought of their company, eager to hear the opinion of a young, digital native from outside the company. Being a Millennial, the concept of social media engagement is one I’m not only extremely familiar with, but also very fond of.

This summer with the company has been an amazing experience!Snapchat  I was welcomed into the fold immediately. Despite my age and lack of experience, I was treated as an equal and felt welcome to make contributions from day one. I also took part in the office banter, firing back at playful questioning such as “What are you, like 12?” with questions of my own like “What are YOU, like 45?” My personal glimpse into office life was somewhat surprising, as it was definitely more fun than I ever expected. Even though it required dealing with a commute to work in rush-hour traffic (which is so much worse in San Antonio than in College Station) the experience was definitely worth it.

At most internships, a student intern is expected to stay on the sidelines, watching meetings, listening to calls, doing the grunt work for major projects in the background. This was not the case as my ideas and opinions were not only sought out, but I was given the opportunity to make major contributions.

I worked on a number of projects from designing custom Snapchat geo-filters for Social Media Day, designing a wardrobe full of company t-shirts, creating interior design concepts for future office space, and creating a definitive guide to Snapchat. Every project I touched was super fun and taught me something new. Al and Shaun trusted me and gave me responsibility which gave me the confidence to work that much harder.National Selfie Day

I want to thank Al and Shaun and the whole team at SocialPath Solutions for seamlessly welcoming me into the crew. The six weeks I’ve spent in the office have been an amazing experience. Not only have I learned a lot about SocialPath Solutions and the industry, I’ve also learned a lot about myself. Not only did I learn about my own strengths and weaknesses, but more importantly about my own career goals and aspirations.

Rachel Gawlik
Summer 2016