Just last week, Facebook Messenger Day hit the internet, bringing the “Stories” section to another one of its properties.

Facebook Messenger DayIn late 2013, Facebook made an offer to buy Snapchat, a new app that was just starting to make a buzz. At the time, it was widely viewed as an inherently opaque, trendy platform used to make college kids seem cooler — Snapchat seemed poised to make a huge profit from a passing fad. But their CEO, Evan Spiegel, declined the $3 billion offer. Since then, Facebook has made tactical maneuvers to replace the need for Snapchat with its own sharing platforms.

Now that there are so many outlets to share fleeting pictures and videos, does this mean the end for Snapchat?

Let’s break it down by looking at what unique and/or stand-out options each platform provides:

Snapchat Stories

  • Lenses (aka Face Filters) – The incredible technical feat of overlaying face-altering Lenses are perhaps the largest and most well-known differentiator for Snapchat. You can be a dog, cat, alien, or any number of other creatures or things using Snapchat filters.
  • Geofilters On top of the free library of Community Geofilters Snapchat provides based on your location, you can also purchase customizable On-Demand Geofilters for events, businesses, etc.
  • Our Story – Users who are at the same event or a specific location can submit to a shared narrative.

Instagram Stories

  • Boomerang – With just one tap you can capture a burst of photos that loops forward and backward for your story, a completely different medium than the typical photos and videos.
  • Drawing Tools – By far has the most diverse set of brushes available to customize your images, you can choose between marker, chisel-tip and neon brushes as well as adjust the line thickness and color.

Facebook Messenger Day

  • Discoverability – Neatly tucked into the Facebook Messenger mobile app, there’s a huge benefit in already being connected to people you’re friends with on Facebook and not having to go find them.
  • Customization – The real standout is the massive customization possibilities with the filters. Virtually any text you add to an image can be incorporated into the filters themselves, creating an infinite number of possible uses.


Each one provides a different experience for its users. The arrival of Facebook Messenger Day doesn’t end the demand for Snapchat or Instagram, but it does offer users something new. Some users will benefit from using them all, but others might find their fit with just one of the above. Whatever the case, Facebook Messenger is poised to attract users with its unique features and massively integrated network.

Which one is your favorite? Share with us in the comments below!