Content is a constant challenge for social media teams. How do you creatively write a caption without regurgitating the title of the original post you’ve created or curated? Enter the best new content tool for social media teams: The Social Message Optimizer from CoSchedule.

content tool for social media teams

When the news broke that CoSchedule dropped this new tool, so did our jaws over at SocialPath Creative. This tool takes your raw caption along with the primary intent of the post to give you a detailed rundown of its potential performance on each social media platform.

So, of course, we had to take it out for a test drive.

We decided to start by promoting this blog post on social. Initial thoughts were for a possible Twitter post, so we included CoSchedule’s twitter handle. This is what we ultimately ended up with:

content tool for social media teams

First, we entered our message, including handles, any hashtags, and the link. You can select the intent of the post from the four icons on the bottom left side: text, image, video, or link. Since we’re hoping people will click to learn more, we’re clearly intending the post to promote the link.

Obviously, it’s a slam dunk post, right? Not quite:

content tool for social media teams


Now if you’ve used CoSchedule’s free tools before, you’ll know that anything above a 70 is a solid start. But we were crushed—we didn’t just think it was good but possibly great! Time to optimize our strategy.

Here’s where the engine of this tool really kicks in. We can see now that link-based posts are not ideal for the platform we’ve chosen. But links perform much better on Facebook, so let’s see how we would perform there with a few tweaks. All we had to do was scroll to the top and click our Facebook score for this post:

Better! Let’s see what CoSchedule recommends we change:

content tools for social media teams

The intent looks good, the characters look good—but the hashtags need to go. CoSchedule also chimed in that we could benefit from using an emoji and that the sentiment could be more positive.

So, after a few minutes of tweaking, we optimized the post for Facebook, considering CoSchedule suggestions:

content tool for social media teams


content tools for social media teams

Hot damn! We maxed out almost every category.

The only category we couldn’t nail down was sentiment, but for good reason. Bots are widely used to complete simple tasks, but determining emotional intent is a much more human concept. Technology just hasn’t advanced to the point of computers reading our emotions very accurately. Even when the emotional gradient is on point, the interpretation was up for debate. Overall the tool only approved of positive content, but that may not work for the industry or field you’re working in.

As a team, we’ve been using this tool to enhance our post quality while saving our time. We found it so helpful in situations where we were stuck on a post and needed a few quick ideas on how to improve it. We highly recommend this content tool for social media teams training new interns or experimenting with an unfamiliar platform for the first time.

Which content tool for social media teams do you find the most helpful on social? Share with us in the comments below!