social media apprentice

Photo Credit: Madelyn Olsen

SocialPath Solutions is all about innovation in social spaces. That’s why when we found out about Digital Creative Institute in San Antonio, we had to know more. Digital Creative Institute matches ambitious college graduates with organizations that need new talent, all while creating a fast-paced learning environment in digital marketing. So, when we needed to find our next content specialist, DCI was the first place we looked. And when we hired social media apprentice Charlie Deese, we quickly understood the benefits of the DCI experience.


As Charlie describes the apprenticeship:

“In many ways, apprenticeship is so much better than traditional avenues of school, especially in something like marketing or content development. If you go the traditional route, you’re taking yourself out of the real world and putting yourself in a vacuum for one to two years and then coming back to the field. I work in social media marketing, consulting, and strategy, and everything is constantly changing! Apprenticeship keeps your thumb on the pulse of what’s going on; you get to immerse yourself in actual trends, practices, and learn at the same time.”

Becoming a social media apprentice has been positive for both Charlie’s professional development and SocialPath’s growth.

From Charlie’s perspective as a social media apprentice:

“Learning about all these areas of marketing I’ve had no direct experience with has been amazing. I wouldn’t have had access these diverse learning paths in previous positions. When I’m learning about something new, I can bring it to the table at SocialPath and say, “Why don’t we try this thing I’m learning about?”

Charlie’s hard work and initiative has made a difference. After joining the team in February as a Content Specialist and social media apprentice, in May she moved into her new role as the Creative Client Liaison. Now she’s busy working with clients and the creative team to keep projects moving forward while continuing her apprenticeship with DCI.


And Charlie’s advice to those interested in writing and creative work?

“When I was going through college, I didn’t know this was a real job! I’d like for other people to know that this exists. I had all these talents but never thought that there was something out there that matched my skills so well. If you enjoy being creative, especially persuasive writing, then content marketing might be the perfect fit for you too.”

Interested in a career in content? We’re looking for a full-time content specialist as well as two intern positions. Check it out!