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Pricing Calculator

Content Plan + Scaled Engagement Services = Estimate

Select a Content Plan based on the number of social networks you want to include, and the frequency of publishing.

Activate the Scaled Engagement Services which have a monthly enrollment cost of $200. This enrollment includes the first 50 active engagements(mentions, comments, messages and hashtag hits) managed by your SocialPath team each month.

Select the service details that best fit your needs and budget. This is estimated through the Expected Monthly VolumeThe total estimated active engagements you receive over a 30 day period. and Average Speed of Answer (ASA).The average amount of time, in minutes, that you want to pass between the time someone issues a cue and the time you engage.

Use this pricing calculator to estimate what your Social Media as a Service plan would cost based upon your social content needs and engagement volume.  If you want a detailed social volume report, just click next and complete the short form that follows.  If you have questions about the pricing components, just scroll down for the details.


*Contact us for pricing above 5,000 active engagements per month.