What We Do

We help you U.S.E. social media to connect with your Customers in more meaningful ways.


We show you how social media connections increase Customer satisfaction and reduce costs.


We have hosted support teams that can reduce your social media workload without missing out on Customer interactions.



We help develop your voice on social media to connect with your Customers when and where they want to connect with you.


Our Service Model



Hosted Teams:


Show Me How To Start:

Establish My Footprint:

Articulate My Brand:

Teach My Staff:

Hosted Teams:

Your customers are already online.

Americans spend an average of 37 minutes daily on social media, more time spent on any other internet activity, including email.

Social Response Teams engage your customers.

Your Social Response Team will build a plan, establish an internal social response protocol & use listening technologies to locate and engage with your customers on social media.

Your customers feel valued & appreciated.

Customers who encounter positive social media experiences are nearly 3 times more likely to recommend a brand.

The #Path2Social


Proprietary Consulting Engagement: 4 Steps / 2 Weeks / Fixed Price 

The #Path2Social is a proprietary process of deep diving into the use of different social media networks to engage with customers to grow your audience and give them another way to interact with you for service when and where they want to do it.

SocialPath Solutions Consultants work with you to clearly define how each network is best suited for your line if business through critical analysis and training sessions with key members of your team.

Your journey on the #Path2Social includes:

  • Social Media Account Auditing
  • Brand & Advocate Engagement Plans
  • Network level Social Response Protocols
  • Choosing the Right Key Performance Indicators
  • Acceptable Use Planning for Employees
  • Change Industry Best Practice Service Model